Fixing Small Home Problems to Avoid Big Issues

Your home’s roof consists of many different parts that all are designed to work in conjunction with each other to keep the interior of your home dry and keep the water-shedding off the shingles on the exterior as it should. If any of those parts of the roof become damaged or worn out they can lead to water entering the interior of the home, causing water damage, mold growth and uncomfortable living conditions inside the home. Timely repairs and maintenance services are crucial. Quick service from Overmyer Roofing allows you to have these roof problems quickly assessed as well as promptly and professionally repaired ultimately avoiding a much larger and costlier issue for your home. We help keep your homes roof in the best shape to help protect you and the ones you love.

Overmyer Roofing offers repairs and maintenance services tailored to your home’s roof style and material installed. We do our best to understand your specific roofing symptoms and offer our advice for repairs based on the information shared with our team and the findings from our exploratory rooftop inspection. With our team’s years of experience on the roof with hundreds of successful repairs completed, we can offer professional craftsmanship and attention to detail while performing the repairs and completing the repairs correctly the first time.